Downtown Rexburg

I’m currently taking a photography course and my first few projects are just getting to learn how to use a camera and how to edit in Lightroom. So I talked to my roommate Katheryn and asked if she could model for me so I could get a few photos. We went to “downtown” Rexburg because I was feeling the brick wall vibes and this is what we captured.

Not So White Christmas

My two best friends had the great idea of taking Christmas pictures together before I leave back to school in Idaho and of course I couldn’t say no because who doesn’t love a nice photo op. I invited my boyfriend to tag along so we can get a few cute pictures together as well. Finding the day to actually go out and take these pictures was the hardest part but i’m glad we chose the day we did because it was such a perfect day. We walked around Downtown Concord looking for a good place to set up. Finally we came across a church building right across from the Christmas tree downtown that was a great location to shoot. We had a great time taking our pictures together and then ended the day with some ice cream from the cutest little ice cream shop right around the corner.

West Yellowstone

I’ve been living in Idaho since the beginning of this year knowing of all the scenery there is out here and have not tried to go experience it up until this past weekend. I took a camping trip up to West Yellowstone with a group of friends and I have to tell you that I was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Our campsite was right on a beautiful lake in the bottom corner of Montana and we could see the sun set behind the mountains across the lake. We went toYellowstone National Park and toured the geysers, I don’t think i have ever seen water so blue. We then watched Old Faithful burst water out of the ground and 100 feet into the sky. Finally we ended our day back at the lake and having a couple brave souls jump into the unbearably cold water and then warming up by the fire with s’mores.

Hannah & Tanner

I took pictures of these two for their senior year of high school and also just for fun and to get more experience behind the camera. These two were so much fun to take pictures of. They were energetic and gave me plenty of ideas to work from; they were the perfect friends to practice my photography on, and they were down to do anything. It had to be the most perfect day to take pictures and i’m so glad I took this opportunity when I did.