Hey, My names Ariana Windham. I’m from the town of Concord, North Carolina. I grew up with my parents and my three brothers, one older and two younger. I consider myself very adventurous since growing up with so many boys and I don’t have the same humor as most other girls. I can switch moods from being tomboyish to super girly from day to day. I’m a very laid back person and I like to just go with the flow.

I found my passion for photography during high school. I took broadcasting and yearbook classes and my teachers really encouraged me to be outgoing and creative and to just be myself. I have always been an artsy person since taking art classes since I was younger and I always knew I would choose to do something in the field of art. Ever since taking these certain classes I knew photography was my thing.

I am currently continuing my education in photography and art at Brigham Young University. I have decided to take pictures of anything that I enjoy. I love taking portraits of friends and family and I love to travel and explore. With this blog I plan on showcasing the pictures I take and taking you along with me throughout my journeys and adventures.